Thank you to each ham and amateur radio club who participated in this year’s New Mexico QSO Party!

2020 Statistics

  • Sponsor: Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico
  • Logs submitted: 311
  • Total NMQP QSOs logged: 8,130
  • Unique New Mexico stations logged: 168
  • New Mexico logs submitted: 93
  • New Mexico club affiliations reported in logs: 21
  • New Mexico counties activated: 27 of 33 (DEB, GUA, HAR, HID, MOR, UNI not activated)
  • US states logged: 50 of 50
  • Canadian provinces logged: of 13
  • Countries/DXCC entities logged: 17

High Score — New Mexico Club

Club NameClub High Score
Albuquerque DX Association181854
New Mexico Big River Contesters163002
Santa Fe ARES73289
Mesilla Valley Radio Club37282
Socorro Amateur Radio Association31660
Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club27632
Sierra Blanca Amateur Radio Club13204
Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico13086
Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club6914
Valencia County Amateur Radio Association6528
Cibola County Amateur Radio Club5200
Sacramento Mountains Radio Club4200
Los Alamos Amateur Radio Club3100
Bernalillo County ARES2480
High Desert Amateur Radio Club2064
Amateur Radio Caravan Club1140
Sandia Vista Amateur Radio Club968
Taos Amateur Radio Club486
New Mexico VHF Society216
Santa Fe Amateur Radio Club180
Totah Amateur Radio Club40

Most Counties Activated by a New Mexico Club

Note: Mobile, in-state multi-op, and expedition operations were either suspended or limited during this year’s event due to New Mexico Department of Health’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order which was in effect during the 2020 New Mexico QSO Party.  Because the Most Counties Activated by a New Mexico Club aware relies heavily on mobile and expedition operations, this award was temporarily suspended.

New Mexico Single Operator

PlaceCallsignPower CategoryQSOsMultipliersClaimed ScoreActual ScoreClub
1AA5BLow55765123240123240New Mexico Big River Contesters
2N2GGLow611739259293002Albuquerque DX Association
3K8TEHigh567686317261268Albuquerque DX Association
4K1JDHigh384685244052224Santa Fe ARES
5WA5DJJLow208532121622048Mesilla Valley Radio Club
6W5RDLLow217502073621700Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club
7K5TAHigh271532003420034New Mexico Big River Contesters
8N2GJLow154472002220022Albuquerque DX Association
9AG5SLow131421831217136Santa Fe ARES
10NA5NQRP58291624016820Socorro Amateur Radio Association
11W5AQALow101391482014820Socorro Amateur Radio Association
12KK6MCLow93391450814508New Mexico Big River Contesters
13W5DETLow80401280012800Sierra Blanca Amateur Radio Club
15KM5XKLow1053573507350Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico
17NM5RCLow10132114646464Valencia County Amateur Radio Association
18W5TDLLow903255185760Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club
19N5ZGTLow1082656165616Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico
20W7QQLow892952085220New Mexico Big River Contesters
21KE5FYLHigh1224150025002Cibola County Amateur Radio Club
22KI5DQNLow512451004896Mesilla Valley Radio Club
23KE7KUSLow502140004200Sacramento Mountains Radio Club
26K8OZLow692920014002Albuquerque DX Association
27K5LRWLow762536963800Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club
28KJ5NJLow652431203120Mesilla Valley Radio Club
29K0CCMLow312531003100Los Alamos Amateur Radio Club
33K5ZXLow622126042604Santa Fe ARES
34KC5RUOLow312024802480Bernalillo County ARES
35KC5RGQHigh482221122112Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club
36W0AMT/5Low601719722040Albuquerque DX Association
37W5RRXLow482019201920Mesilla Valley Radio Club
38W6VJTLow461715641564Mesilla Valley Radio Club
39KE5GARLow511414281428Mesilla Valley Radio Club
40KD5HLow341812241152High Desert Amateur Radio Club
41N5UVQLow301910801140Amateur Radio Caravan Club
42W5ABAHigh4422968968Sandia Vista Amateur Radio Club
43K9GAJLow3612864864Santa Fe ARES
44KI5HPWLow2416768768Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club
46KC5WRLow3112744744Mesilla Valley Radio Club
47N6SIKLow3610720720Albuquerque DX Association
48NZ7QLow1710680680Albuquerque DX Association
49K5XYQRP205500500Mesilla Valley Radio Club
50NB5RLow279540486Taos Amateur Radio Club
52K6LIELow228400400High Desert Amateur Radio Club
53KC5EVRLow277336378Mesilla Valley Radio Club
54KF5RGULow1510300300Santa Fe ARES
55KI5DUNLow139234234Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club
56N5WPMLow157224224Sierra Blanca Amateur Radio Club
57NM5WBLow186216216New Mexico VHF Society
58WS5NLow119198198Cibola County Amateur Radio Club
59 (tie)AE6VZLow185180180Santa Fe Amateur Radio Club
59 (tie)KB7PVULow156360180High Desert Amateur Radio Club
60N4VIPHigh237138161Santa Fe ARES
61NM5GBHigh22688132Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club
62 (tie)KF5KHJLow203120120Mesilla Valley Radio Club
62 (tie)KG5IDNLow12596120Albuquerque DX Association
62 (tie)KW5OLFQRP64120120High Desert Amateur Radio Club
62 (tie)N3XKBLow6560120Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico
63KI5HDTLow282174112Mesilla Valley Radio Club
64NM5XDLow95100100Mesilla Valley Radio Club
65KG5IXILow869696Mesilla Valley Radio Club
66K5LRYLow768484High Desert Amateur Radio Club
67 (tie)KE5TOBLow1048080High Desert Amateur Radio Club
67 (tie)KJ5RQRP828080Mesilla Valley Radio Club
69NA5NMLow1927676Mesilla Valley Radio Club
71K8JWSLow746464Valencia County Amateur Radio Association
72KI5FGILow834848High Desert Amateur Radio Club
73 (tie)K8OIPLow444040Totah Amateur Radio Club
73 (tie)KY2LEQRP424040Mesilla Valley Radio Club
73 (tie)W2AFEQRP224040Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club
74KJ6ANVLow823232Mesilla Valley Radio Club
76 (tie)AC5BXQRP122020Socorro Amateur Radio Association
76 (tie)N5TDLLow522020----
78KE5MOWLow221616Mesilla Valley Radio Club
79 (tie)K6JHULow231212----
79 (tie)KM5ZELow321212Mesilla Valley Radio Club
80 (tie)KD5AUHLow2288----
80 (tie)KG5SUZLow2288----
----N5SJHigh12444Check LogCheck LogAlbuquerque DX Association
----N5ULHigh2716Check LogCheck Log----

New Mexico Multi Operator

Note: Due to New Mexico Department of Health’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order, which was in effect during the 2020 New Mexico QSO Party, there were no multi-op entries during this year’s event.

New Mexico Mobile Single Operator

Note: Due to New Mexico Department of Health’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order, which was in effect during the 2020 New Mexico QSO Party, mobile operations were temporarily suspended.

New Mexico Mobile Multi Operator

Note: Due to New Mexico Department of Health’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order, which was in effect during the 2020 New Mexico QSO Party, mobile operations were temporarily suspended.

High Score — New Mexico QRP Operator

PlaceCallsignOperating CategoryQSOsMultipliersClaimed ScoreActual ScoreClub
1NA5NSingle-Op, New Mexico58291624016820Socorro Amateur Radio Association
2W4MDVSingle-Op, New Mexico26162604160----
3K5XYSingle-Op, New Mexico205500500Mesilla Valley Radio Club
4KW5OLFSingle-Op, New Mexico64120120High Desert Amateur Radio Club
5KJ5RSingle-Op, New Mexico828080Mesilla Valley Radio Club
6 (tie)KY2LESingle-Op, New Mexico424040Mesilla Valley Radio Club
6 (tie)W2AFESingle-Op, New Mexico224040Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club
7AC5BXSingle-Op, New Mexico122020Socorro Amateur Radio Association

High Score — New Mexico Expedition Category

PlaceCallsignOperating CategoryPower CategoryQSOsMultipliersClaimed ScoreActual ScoreClub
1KE7KUSSingle-Op, New MexicoLow502140004200Sacramento Mountains Radio Club

Outside New Mexico Single Operator

PlaceCallsignOperating CategoryPower CategoryQTHQSOsMultipliersClaimed ScoreActual Score 
1N6MUSingle Op, Outside NMLowCA721836003600
2N8IISingle Op, Outside NMLowWV37147981596
3W9CPVSingle Op, Outside NMLowIN5782881552
4WB8WKQSingle Op, Outside NMLowMI30138321300
5N7KRNSingle Op, Outside NMLowWA291210801080
6K4XUSingle Op, Outside NMHighOR531510651065
7K7SVSingle Op, Outside NMLowVA2612984984
8 (tie)AA4TISingle Op, Outside NMLowFL1812672672
8 (tie)K3WJVSingle Op, Outside NMHighPA3214672672
9 (tie)VE5KSSingle Op, Outside NMLowSK1611660660
9 (tie)W1WBBSingle Op, Outside NMLowRI1811660660
10K9CWSingle Op, Outside NMLowIL198608608
11WT9USingle Op, Outside NMHighIN2813585585
12VE3TMSingle Op, Outside NMLowONE1411506506
13WN4AFPSingle Op, Outside NMLowSC1410500500
14VA7RNSingle Op, Outside NMLowBC158480480
15N4IYSingle Op, Outside NMLowIN1310460460
16NS2NSingle Op, Outside NMHighNY2910430430
17WA0JCOSingle Op, Outside NMHighMO2012420420
18OM2VLSingle Op, Outside NMHighDX2012408408
19K9NWSingle Op, Outside NMLowOH157406406
20AC0WSingle Op, Outside NMLowMN166372372
21W2UDTSingle Op, Outside NMHighNJ2311341341
22 (tie)AA1SUSingle Op, Outside NMHighVT1912336336
22 (tie)KS5NSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX127336336
22 (tie)W1QKSingle Op, Outside NMLowCT127336336
23K9GDFSingle Op, Outside NMLowWI127140322
24WA9LEYSingle Op, Outside NMLowIL136312312
25WB9HFKSingle Op, Outside NMLowIL165310310
26VE5GCSingle Op, Outside NMLowSK127322294
27N6GPSingle Op, Outside NMLowCA107280280
28 (tie)K4BAISingle Op, Outside NMHighGA189270270
28 (tie)WA1SAYSingle Op, Outside NMLowCT159270270
29AC9BJSingle Op, Outside NMLowWI117266266
30WT9QSingle Op, Outside NMLowWI135260260
31 (tie)AA5TLSingle Op, Outside NMHighOR1212144252
31 (tie)K0JPSingle Op, Outside NMLowMN107252252
31 (tie)KA0PQWSingle Op, Outside NMLowMN126252252
32 (tie)K3DNESingle Op, Outside NMHighSC2012240240
32 (tie)KC5LLSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX106240240
33KA4FVESingle Op, Outside NMLowSC139234234
34 (tie)W5LASingle Op, Outside NMLowLA115220220
34 (tie)W6GMTSingle Op, Outside NMLowMN115220220
35 (tie)K3YPSingle Op, Outside NMLowOH106216216
35 (tie)KJ4IWZSingle Op, Outside NMLowTN96216216
35 (tie)N9NMSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX96216216
35 (tie)WA5LXSSingle Op, Outside NMHighTX159216216
36N9OUSingle Op, Outside NMLowFL107210210
37VE3KPSingle Op, Outside NMHighONE138208208
38N7JPFSingle Op, Outside NMLowOR96204204
39 (tie)KN4YSingle Op, Outside NMLowFL105200200
39 (tie)KR3DXSingle Op, Outside NMHighPA2010200200
39 (tie)W3LLSingle Op, Outside NMHighMD148200200
40 (tie)KD2KWSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX96104192
40 (tie)N8FYLSingle Op, Outside NMLowMI86192192
40 (tie)W9AEMSingle Op, Outside NMLowWI96192192
40 (tie)W9QLSingle Op, Outside NMLowIL116192192
41K3AJSingle Op, Outside NMLowMD97182182
42 (tie)KK7ACSingle Op, Outside NMAZ1810198180
42 (tie)KY0QSingle Op, Outside NMLowIL95180180
43VE3AQSingle Op, Outside NMLowGTA114176176
44K3TWSingle Op, Outside NMQRPFL55175175
45 (tie)KS4XSingle Op, Outside NMLowTN77168168
45 (tie)WC7QSingle Op, Outside NMHighWA127168168
46 (tie)N8VVSingle Op, Outside NMLowOH85160160
46 (tie)N4DWSingle Op, Outside NMLowTN85180160
47 (tie)N0ATSingle Op, Outside NMHighMN136156156
47 (tie)VA6RCNSingle Op, Outside NMLowAB76156156
48W6OATSingle Op, Outside NMHighWA147154154
49KJ9BSingle Op, Outside NMHighIN179153153
50K8RGISingle Op, Outside NMLowOH104152152
K3TNSingle Op, Outside NMHighMD126144144
N3OJLSingle Op, Outside NMLowPA98144144
WT8WVSingle Op, Outside NMLowWV98144144
N3CKISingle Op, Outside NMLowNC85140140
W0UYSingle Op, Outside NMHighKS107140140
W1ENDSingle Op, Outside NMLowNH75140140
W7LGSingle Op, Outside NMQRPPA44140140
K0VBUSingle Op, Outside NMLowKS84128128
KV8QSingle Op, Outside NMLowOH84128128
N3SWSingle Op, Outside NMLowPA84128128
W6NKRSingle Op, Outside NMLowSV84128128
W0BHSingle Op, Outside NMHighKS147126126
K2BIOSingle Op, Outside NMLowVA65120120
WB4OMMSingle Op, Outside NMLowFL75140120
WB5WAJSingle Op, Outside NMLowTN65120120
W4CHISingle Op, Outside NMLowNC87112112
W4CUSingle Op, Outside NMHighFL97112112
DL3DXXSingle Op, Outside NMHighDX96108108
N1IASingle Op, Outside NMLowNC66108108
K7TQSingle Op, Outside NMLowID55100100
K4BSKSingle Op, Outside NMLowNC649696
N9HDESingle Op, Outside NMLowIA649696
K0WRYSingle Op, Outside NMQRPKS339090
WA2JQKSingle Op, Outside NMLowNY759090
K9OZSingle Op, Outside NMHighAR1148888
W3JJLSingle Op, Outside NMHighPA1188888
K0RJWSingle Op, Outside NMHighMN1278484
K3PPSingle Op, Outside NMHighPA768484
KB0LFSingle Op, Outside NMHighNE768484
KC3YSingle Op, Outside NMLowPA768484
N9SESingle Op, Outside NMHighIN778484
W1PDISingle Op, Outside NMLowOH738484
KA0RENSingle Op, Outside NMLowMO548080
W9ETSingle Op, Outside NMLowWI548080
K6TQSingle Op, Outside NMHighSV987272
KM4FOSingle Op, Outside NMLowKY637272
K0JVSingle Op, Outside NMLowSD446464
K1VUTSingle Op, Outside NMLowMA446464
K3ZGASingle Op, Outside NMLowFL446464
KN4JNSingle Op, Outside NMLowFL446464
N4CAPSingle Op, Outside NMLowNC446464
NY9PSingle Op, Outside NMLowIL446464
W3GQSingle Op, Outside NMHighNC846464
JO7WXNSingle Op, Outside NMHighDX656060
K7VAPSingle Op, Outside NMLowWA656060
KI0RSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX656060
VE3FPSingle Op, Outside NMLowONE536060
W7KAMSingle Op, Outside NMLowMO656060
WB9CIFSingle Op, Outside NMHighIN656060
AE6PLSingle Op, Outside NMLowCA445656
N7AMESingle Op, Outside NMLowWA745656
WA8ZBTSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX445656
KJ9CSingle Op, Outside NMHighMT753055
W3WHKSingle Op, Outside NMLowPA535454
K9WPVSingle Op, Outside NMLowIN555050
AA8TASingle Op, Outside NMLowOH434848
AB2TBSingle Op, Outside NMLowNJ434848
AB4GGSingle Op, Outside NMHighTN869648
NF8MSingle Op, Outside NMLowMI434848
W2QLSingle Op, Outside NMLowVA434848
W3AKDSingle Op, Outside NMLowME643048
K2ALSingle Op, Outside NMLowNJ544040
K2KRSingle Op, Outside NMHighCO854040
KI4MZCSingle Op, Outside NMQRPGA224040
K4NSingle Op, Outside NMLowGA631236
KF3GSingle Op, Outside NMLowPA333636
KJ4AOMSingle Op, Outside NMLowKY333636
VA3RDWSingle Op, Outside NMLowONE333636
WA3AANSingle Op, Outside NMLowPA331836
W8PISingle Op, Outside NMHighMI553535
K1HGSingle Op, Outside NMLowFL443232
KX1XSingle Op, Outside NMHighMA443232
N6ICSingle Op, Outside NMHighCA443232
VE7BCSingle Op, Outside NMHighBC546432
K6TETSingle Op, Outside NMHighCA533030
K0HNCSingle Op, Outside NMLowKS422828
K4VBMSingle Op, Outside NMLowGA422828
KA6BIMSingle Op, Outside NMHighOR542828
K0OPSingle Op, Outside NMLowND432424
KE8FTSingle Op, Outside NMHighCA642424
N5PBPSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX432424
W5JCCSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX432424
K5MAYSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX331818
KA2GQQSingle Op, Outside NMLowNJ331818
LY5WSingle Op, Outside NMHighDX331818
N5DTTSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX331818
N8BJQSingle Op, Outside NMLowOH331818
N9TCASingle Op, Outside NMLowIL331818
VA6NJKSingle Op, Outside NMLowAB331818
W7TRSingle Op, Outside NMLowSV337218
WW1MSingle Op, Outside NMLowME331818
K0TCSingle Op, Outside NMHighMN421616
K6BBQSingle Op, Outside NMLowSF321616
KC7YESingle Op, Outside NMLowWA221616
KM4IAJSingle Op, Outside NMLowVA421616
KX1WSingle Op, Outside NMLowNY221216
N4DLRSingle Op, Outside NMLowOH221616
VE3EXWSingle Op, Outside NMLowONE221616
VE5MXSingle Op, Outside NMHighSK621616
VE9KKSingle Op, Outside NMLowMAR221616
W6WGSingle Op, Outside NMLowCA22816
W7GFSingle Op, Outside NMLowOR22816
WQ6XSingle Op, Outside NMLowEB221616
N4LZSingle Op, Outside NMHighFL331515
AE6YBSingle Op, Outside NMLowSF32612
K1LOKSingle Op, Outside NMLowUT321212
K4RUMSingle Op, Outside NMHighNY321212
KD5ILASingle Op, Outside NMLowAR221212
NO2CSingle Op, Outside NMHighNY331212
W2IOCSingle Op, Outside NMLowNJ321212
N1AIASingle Op, Outside NMQRPME111010
AA5AHSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX2288
N0BKSingle Op, Outside NMHighMN2288
NS4XSingle Op, Outside NMHighTN2288
VA3AUWSingle Op, Outside NMLowONS2288
VE9AASingle Op, Outside NMHighMAR2288
VE9RLWSingle Op, Outside NMLowMAR2288
W6KCSingle Op, Outside NMHighCA2288
K3SVSingle Op, Outside NMHighFL2284
K5GQSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX1124
K7AZTSingle Op, Outside NMLowAZ1144
K7ULSSingle Op, Outside NMLowUT1144
KC3OOLSingle Op, Outside NMHighMD2244
KC8JSingle Op, Outside NMLowOH1144
N7WYSingle Op, Outside NMLowWY1144
VE3HEDSingle Op, Outside NMHighONE2244
W5QLFSingle Op, Outside NMLowTX1144
WE5TRSingle Op, Outside NMHighTX2244
AG7TXSingle Op, Outside NMLowNV1122
AI6JBSingle Op, Outside NMLowSV1122
K4NMRSingle Op, Outside NMHighFL1122
KC1RLSSingle Op, Outside NMLowNH1122
KF8MZSingle Op, Outside NMHighOH1122
KN4YRMSingle Op, Outside NMLowFL1122
N0SMXSingle Op, Outside NMHighFL1122
VE3PYJSingle Op, Outside NMLowONE1122
W2VDZSingle Op, Outside NMLowNJ1122
WZ6ZZSingle Op, Outside NMLowCA1122
K1BIFSingle Op, Outside NMHighVT1111
----K4SBZSingle Op, Outside NMLowFL00Check LogCheck Log

Outside New Mexico Multi Operator

PlaceCallsignPower CategoryQTHQSOsMultipliersClaimed ScoreActual Score