2020 New Mexico QSO Party event sponsor:

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico

COVID-19 Notice: The New Mexico QSO Party is still a GO. There are a number of options to participate safely and enjoyably while the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, and we hope this event serves as a positive outlet for relief and enjoyment during these challenging times. All New Mexico QSO Party participants are expected to follow CDC guidelines (or those of your country’s equivalent) and applicable government-issued orders with respect to social distancing, travel, and minimizing risk of exposure to yourself or others. This may limit or prevent your participation in certain operating categories this year. At the very minimum, please participate from the comfort of your own shack! Stay safe and healthy.

Hams across the state, nation, and world are gearing up for another enjoyable New Mexico QSO Party! Whether you’re brand-new to contesting, enjoy chewing the rag, chase counties, are looking for a unique club activity, or just want to have some fun, the New Mexico QSO Party is your ticket to great fun on the air. The object is simple: New Mexico stations contact as many New Mexico counties, states, and countries as possible. Stations outside of the Land of Enchantment make contact with as many New Mexico counties as possible.

All the information you’ll need for an enjoyable weekend on the air can be found on this website.

New Mexico amateur radio clubs: Rally your members and participate in the New Mexico QSO Party, either as individual participants or as a group at your club station! There are two special awards devoted exclusively for clubs: (1) A special plaque for the New Mexico club with the highest aggregate score submitted by all of its  members who get on the air during the QSO Party and submit their logs, and (2) Another special plaque for the New Mexico Club whose members activate the highest aggregate number of New Mexico counties and submit their logs. It doesn’t matter what operating category your members participate in, or for how long; each entrant just needs to clearly mark their club name in their individual logs and your club will be automatically entered. See complete details in the New Mexico QSO Party rules packet.